Is the first and only alliance of law firms specializing in infrastructure and construction law in the Americas, with presence in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, the United States, Guatemala, México, Panama, Peru and Uruguay.


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CONSTRULEGAL® responds to the unique, specialized needs of clients in the construction and engineering industry in the Americas, providing legal advice and related services (design, supervision, technical solutions, etc.).

Among the clients of CONSTRULEGAL® member firms are contractors, concessionaires, engineering consultants, suppliers, owners and governments. The business activities of members of CONSTRULEGAL® include all types of industrial, infrastructure, commercial and residential projects at the local and international level.

CONSTRULEGAL® members’ objective is to help their clients achieve success in their projects, minimizing disputes and, if necessary, efficiently and effectively representing them in dispute resolution processes. The members of CONSTRULEGAL® have ample experience in litigation, arbitration, expert testimony and dispute boards.



To contribute proactively to the success of our clients construction and infrastructure projects, as well as disputes related to the same when the circumstances so require, contributing in-depth knowledge of diverse legal, contractual and regulatory matters, creative and efficient solutions and personalized service.


To be a leader in the area of infrastructure and construction law in the Americas, making a positive mark on the continent’s major projects.


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